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How to sign up
What’s App/Viber
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You should write in your message following information:
  • what you want to do (some pictures or  photos for example)
  • size in centimeters
  • place of your future tattoo

How old I should be
We make tattoos for people elder then 18 years. Of you are under one of your parents should come with you to the session with passport and write the agreement
How much cost tattoo?
The minimal price for tattoo is 5000 RUB. The final price depends on size, place and difficult  of sketch.
Care of tattoo
We propose 2 way how you can care  your tattoo
with disposable diaper and cream
- whit patch for the healing Suprasorb F
How long takes healing of the tattoo?
It takes about 2 weeks, but fully skin will become smooth in a month.
How I can pay for the tattoo?
You can pau by cash
Should I make a pre-payment?
Yes. The sum of pre-payment is 2000 RUB. You can make it by cash or by PayPal. The sum is included in the final price and didn’t return if you would’t come to the session or if you want to move the session less then 7 days before it.
How I should prepare to the session?
We advise to eat before the session and get enough sleep. And also you shouldn’t drink alcohol before it.
Is it safety and sterile in our shop?
Yes. we guarantee 100% sterile. Every day 2 hours before opening we clean all our shop. All workplaces handle by express antysepthique. All needles are single-time used.All grips pass by special disinfection. After each session artist passes workplace by antisepthique.
You don’t know what present? we know!
Gift card for he tattoo which rest the the men for all life.
It’ best present made by our hands.

We have 2 choices of rates: 5000 and 10000 RUB. Validaty is 6 months from the day of buying.
You can buy it by cash or PayPal and receive it in our shop or by e-mail.